General Operating Guidelines

Our Service Model (continued)

The array of services to be brought into service to young people includes criminal defense representation and expert witness procurement; media relations (especially in support of and coordinated with a child’s legal defense); crime and background investigations; subject matter and legal research; mental health counseling and therapy; family counseling; non-penal residential placement as an alternative to youth/adult corrections sentencing; educational counseling, experiences, mentor relationships, scholarships and other support; fundraising and financial stewardship; employment/career counseling and mentor relationships; spiritual/religious counseling and mentor relationships; etc.

We work with professional and institutional partners and rely to the greatest extent possible on Pro Bono and volunteer assistance without sacrificing quality or reliability; yet we also engage in aggressive centralized fundraising so we are in a position to hire talent and pay for resources whenever necessary.


Allocation of Contributions

The Redemption Project relies on shared resources and staff to serve and administer its designated beneficiaries and field-of-interest activities. Accordingly, 20 percent of contributions to any particular fund are allocated to the General Operating Fund. Within this 20 percent, tax deductible contributions routed through the Juvenile Law Society are subject to an 8 percent charge to cover JLS’s administrative costs.  Surpluses within the General Operating Fund, if any, are periodically distributed to the various designated beneficiary and field-of-interest funds according to a formula agreed to by the various fund trustees and administrators.

We are grateful for your compassion for kids and for your support of this work. Thank you!

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